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  • “After the surgery, I felt alert and ready to recuperate. I was only in the hospital three days, and my pain was much less compared to the surgery I had a few years ago”

    Hepsie Bywater, an active grandmother and former airlines manager, suffered from severe hip arthritis. Simple ...

    ~ H B ~

  • “He’s my superhero. Nobody else could have done my surgery”

    Doreen Bates of Medford had gained forty pounds and could barely walk from her car to the office elevator without needing a break. She was suffering from severe hip pain caused by congenital condition called hip dysplas...

    ~ D B ~

  • “He was very compassionate, patient with my many questions and generous with his time. Having surgery is the difference between night and day. I feel amazing. Don’t wait! Your life will be so much better with the anterior approach”

    Teacher and librarian Denise Bieniek could bar...

    ~ D B ~

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