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  • New Hip Replacement Procedure Offered at Glen Cove Hospital (Featured in LIJ News Room on April 2009)

    Long Island resident Hepsie Bywater, an active grandmother of two young boys and a former airlines manager, suffered from severe arthritis and had difficulty walking, shopping and driving. In 2006, the pain was so disabling she needed conventional hip replacement surgery and took several months to recover. Eventually, she knew she’d need the other hip replaced, but put off the surgery as long as possible. “I couldn’t walk from the grocery store to the car without my husband’s help– it was very painful,” said Mrs. Bywater. “I knew I had to get relief.”

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  • Four Hips. Three Siblings. One Superhero. Long Island Orthopaedic Surgeon Restores Family’s Mobility

    Heroes come in many forms. The ability to relieve pain and restore quality of life has elevated one local surgeon to “superhero status” for a Long Island family. Hip pain used to run in the Bieniek family. That is, until siblings Denise, Brian and Doreen turned to Dr. Paul Enker, who performs a less invasive hip replacement procedure with a smaller incision, a shorter hospital stay and a quicker recovery.

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  • Long Island Surgeon Treats 1,000 Patients with Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement Surgery

    LONG ISLAND, NY: For more than 30 years, Paul Enker, MD, of Long Island Arthritis & Joint Replacement, has been restoring the mobility of locals through innovative and compassionate orthopaedic care. Last month, he treated his 1,000th patient with a new minimally invasive surgical technique called the direct anterior approach for hip replacement.

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